Hello 👋, I'm Chandan Kumar,
a passionate technologist,
entrepreneur, and founder of Geekflare.

Chandan Kumar

I'm driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep interest in the ever-changing world of technology. That's why I started Geekflare, an online publication to help individuals and businesses succeed through insightful content and resources.

Since its launch, Geekflare has reached over 100 million people.

Building the Future

I'm excited to be building the future with my awesome team.
  • Geekflare is an online publication that produces high-quality articles on Technology, Business, and Fintech to help businesses and people grow.

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  • Siterelic offers an enterprise-ready API to help businesses monitor their websites for performance and security.

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  • Sparkian is a dedicated online gaming publication platform that aims to cover every aspect of the gaming industry.

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  • Domsignal is a one-stop destination for all your website performance, security, network, SEO, compiler, generator, and developer tools needs.

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